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CVESD Education Program

Coastal Education Program

Karen Quirós  karen.quiros@cvesd.org (619) 476-7836
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/cvesdfieldtrips/home

Since opening in 1987, The Living Coast and Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) have partnered together to provide standards-based, hands-on science classes to schools throughout the district.

Coastal Education Program Descriptions:
All programs are standards-based for TK-8. They are aligned with the Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and the previous CA State Science Standards. Programs for PreK through Kinder are 1.5 – 3 hours, programs for Grades 1-3 are 2 – 4 hours and programs for Grades 4-8 are 4 hours long.

  Program Descriptions 

Program Structure:20160814_093732
A Coastal Education Program at the Living Coast involves a hands-on, standards-based lesson with the Science Resource teacher and a guided tour with a Living Coast Docent. The lesson usually includes time on the trails, animal encounters, and/or the use of scientific equipment. The tour of the Living Coast includes Turtle Lagoon, Raptor Row, Eagle Mesa, the Shorebird Aviary and time to touch animals in the Shark and Ray Experience.


Free Transportation Sponsorship:
Through the Unified Port of San Diego, transportation can be covered for your entire grade level! You must register online during the Fall or Spring Registration for a chance to win! Winners will be contacted by your resource teacher, Karen Quiros.

2019-2020 Important Dates:
Our online registration system is currently closed for maintenance. Please check back later for dates and registration information.

Contact the CVESD Resource Science Teacher, Karen Quiros, at (619) 476-7836 or karen.quiros@cvesd.org to see if your school is currently served by the CVESD Coastal Education Program and begin your adventure today!

Composting for Kids Outreach Program (Free)

New Composting Program for Chula Vista schools! Perfect for Grades 3-8, we come to your classroom and teach the “Whats, Whys, and Hows of Composting”.  If you have a compost bin on site, we also spend time turning the pile together. We are out of 2018 – 2019 City of Chula Vista sponsored compost programs. Visit our School Outreach page for more details about registering for Our Wild San Diego outreach program.