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Educational Programs for All

Bring scientific exploration of the natural world to your classroom with the Living Coast’s outreach program! We’ll bring hands-on activities, up close animal interactions, dissections, scientific tools, and more!

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Education Department Contact Info: | (619) 409-5908

The Living Coast - Field Trips - Preschool

Preschool Outreaches

Program Structure

A 30 minute educational program filled with lots of movement, interactions, and animal encounters that is sure to inspire the animal lover in all your kids!

Program Fees

  • $250 for first program  *travel fees may apply*
  • $200 each additional program; same day, same site
  • Maximum 25 students per program
The Living Coast - Field Trips - K-12

K-12 Outreaches

Program Structure

A 60 minute educational program designed to be fun, engaging, and meet the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the CCSS.

Program Fees

  • $300 for first program *travel fees may apply*
  • $240 each additional program; same day, same site
  • Maximum 40 students per program

Public Outreach Programs

The Living Coast - Field Trips - Raptor

Discovery Station

Program Structure

60 minute discovery booth featuring a local San Diego animal and hands-on science interaction. Perfect for your next science night or community event.

Program Fees

  • $250 for first hour  *travel fees may apply*
  • $200 for each additional hour; same day, same site

3 Themes Available

Radical Reptiles

Crawl into the world of reptiles, with our San Diego animal ambassadors. Learn about what all reptiles have in common. Look at snake skin up-close and compare the sizes of tortoises and sea turtles.

Science of Flight

Learn what it takes to live in the air! Meet one of our raptor ambassadors up-close and discover how feathers, hollow bones, and specially shaped wings adapt birds for flight. This table is sure to inspire the naturalist in all your students!

Seashore Splash

Life is tough in the tidepools! Children will discover some of the crazy ways tidepool animals are adapted for the rocky shores. With hands-on interaction, students will be able to touch, see, and discover what it takes to cling to a slippery home

San Diego Spotlight

The Living Coast - Field Trips - Raptor

Have a school assembly or carnival coming up? Our animal ambassadors are true show stoppers! This is a 15-20 minute appearance featuring a local San Diego animal. The animal care specialist will introduce the animal and teach the students about all its amazing adaptations

Program Fees

  • $100 per animal ambassador  *travel fees may apply*

San Diego Library Program

Looking for a unique way for the community to connect with wildlife? Book a 45-60 minute program with live animals, interactive tables, and hands-on discovery for your local families to enjoy!

Program Fees

  • $250 per programs  *travel fees may apply*
  • $200 each additional program; same day, same site