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Coastal Education Program for CVESD

Since opening in 1987, the Living Coast and Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) have partnered together to provide standards-based, hands-on science classes to all schools throughout the district.

Resource Teacher Contact Info

Karen Quirós  | | (619) 476-7836

Registering For Your Field Trip

Pick Your Program

Kinder | 1st – 3rd | 4th – 5th | 6th – 8th

Register Your Class(es) Online

Explorable Places is our new booking program, and you’re the first to try it out!

  1. Sign up for an account, verify your email, and create a Leader Profile here:
  2. Select your program from the links above or from here:
  3. You will be taken back to the Explorable Places to log in, view a calendar of available dates, and request your program. You will receive a confirmation email once Living Coast staff have processed and approved your request.

Flag Your Confirmation Email(s)

Please print or save your confirmation emails which include important information such as program costs, gate code access, and requirements for sponsorships.

Reserve Your Bus(es) Online

Planning for Your Field Trip

Pre-Lesson Resources

Extend the learning, beyond the field trip! The resource page has a packet of pre-activities to help prepare your students for their field trip to the Living Coast.

Send Field Trip Packets Home

In accordance with your school or district policies, make sure to have all field trip paperwork filled out and filed with your school secretary, principal, or district office. To help you get started, here is a field trip sample packet prepared by the Living Coast.

As part of our Coastal Education Program, students have the opportunity to see both the indoor and outdoor exhibits at the Living Coast Discovery Center (LCDC). During this time, students may encounter LCDC visitors who are unmasked. In keeping with our District safety protocols, all CVESD students will be wearing masks when indoors & outdoors.

Teachers, please communicate this information to your students’ families.

Collect Money for Program Fees

Please remind parent chaperones that memberships, groupons, coupons, or other deals do not apply towards program fees. No exceptions.

Program Fees

This program is generously subsidized by the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

$100/class (K-3) and $125/class (4-8) | 3 adults (teachers or chaperones) free / class | Student aides free with credentials | $10/ extra chaperone

Other Fees

  • $2/charter school student
  • $20/fish or squid dissection class program
  • SDC class rates: $4/student (call to arrange)

Arrange Purchase Orders

If paying by purchase order, please submit the invoice you receive in your confirmation email to your organization, school, or district. Purchase orders must be received by the field trip date in order to be processed directly to your accounting department. All other invoices will be sent to the email of the teacher/leader that registered the program within 2 weeks following the conclusion of the final field trip on the order.

Arrange Chaperones and/or Parent Drivers

The Living Coast shuttle starts running at 9:45am. Parents and Chaperones arriving by personal car, must park in the parking lot and wait for the shuttle or school bus. No exceptions.

Did you arrange your school bus?

Failure to arrange your transportation will result in the loss of your dates, sponsorships, and potentially future dates to attend. There is also a $50 cancellation fee payable to the Living Coast Discovery Center for all cancellations less than 7 days out. And a $100 no show/no call fee for failing to attend your field trip.

Complete the Requirements of Your Sponsorship

Free transportation is sponsored by the Unified Port of San Diego. If you have won free transportation, make sure to complete the requirements of your sponsorship prior to your field trip date. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your free transportation sponsorship.

What to Bring

  1. Class list and group assignments
  2. Helpful chaperones
  3. Cash (if paying at the door, no checks)
  4. Total group numbers organized by students, adults (teachers+chaperones), aides(ID required)
  5. Sustainable lunches
  6. Prepared students  

After the Field Trip

Final Invoice

Any unpaid program fees will be invoiced to your school or district and emailed directly to the email of the person registering. If a PO was submitted ahead of time, the invoice may be directed to your accounts payable. However, it is the responsibility of the lead teacher/organizer to follow up on payments. Late payments may incur additional fees.

Complete the Requirements of Your Sponsorship

Make sure to complete the requirements of your sponsorship within 1 week of your field trip date. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your free transportation sponsorship.

Post Lesson Resources

The resource page has a packet of post- activities to help extend the learning beyond the field trip!

Field Trip Survey

Help us improve our program by completing this 5-minute survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many chaperones can I bring?

We leave the answer up to each teacher. We feel like you know your class best and the right number of chaperones to bring. Each chaperone, not included in the 10:1 (paying child:free adult) has to pay.

Are siblings allowed?

No. Please explain to parents that we want helpful chaperones that supervise student behaviors during the 1-3 hours of self-exploration. Siblings distract from that ability.

How is payment handled?

One lead teacher/organizer is responsible for knowing the total group numbers: children, adults (includes teachers), and one-on-one aides (requires ID). At check in, payment can be collected if paying at the door. All non-paid fees will be invoiced to the school or organization within 2 weeks of the final field trip on the order.

Do you accept checks?

Yes, but we do not recommend it for day of payments. We do not reimburse for overpaid checks. No exceptions. Cash or credit is preferred if settling program fees day of. Check is preferred if paying by mail after program. All payments must be received by 30 days of final invoice date.

What if I have a late parent chaperone?

Typically we give the lead teacher or organizer the wristbands for all adults in the group. It is up to you to distribute appropriately. Late parent chaperones, with no wristband from teacher, will be charged full admission fees.

What if the parent or class is arriving by car?

Park in our parking lot and wait for the shuttle. Shuttle does not operate on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday – Sunday, the shuttle service begins at 10 AM.

How do I comment on my experience?

The best way is to fill out a survey about your program experience so that we can continue to improve our efforts: CVESD Evaluation Form
If you had anything specific you needed to address, please contact the resource teacher: