Animal Presentations

Wednesday - Sunday at 10:30 AM

Signature Event - Eagles

Sharks & Rays
Wednesday - Sunday at 1:30 PM

Signature Event - Sharks & Rays

Sea Turtle
Wednesday - Sunday at 2:30 PM

Signature Event - Sea Turtle

*All animal presentations and animal encounters are subject to change at the discretion of the Animal Care staff.

Guest Adventures

(free with admission)

Daily Animal Presentations

Wednesday – Sunday at 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 2:30 PM

Join us Wednesday through Sunday for one of our Animal Presentations! You can choose from eagles, a sea turtle, sharks & rays, or all three!

10:30 AM: Eagle Presentation
1:30 PM: Shark & Ray Presentation
2:30 PM: Sea Turtle Presentation

Sweetwater Safari Hikes

Saturdays 11:30 AM *

Enjoy an interactive, guided trail hike with one of our wildlife educators. We’ll learn about the natural flora & fauna and talk about the history of the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. This program is generously sponsored by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This hike counts towards one of the requirements for the Trail to Bay Challenge.

*Subject to availability. If a wildlife educator is unavailable, the trail walk is self-guided. Backpacks can be checked out from the front desk for free any day of the week.

Compost Workshops

Sundays at 11:30 AM

Come join the fun, learn all about the wonders of soils, and get discounts on outdoor composting units. We’ll cover practical ways to set up home composting systems in order to organically beautify our landscape and lessen our ecological footprint! This program is generously sponsored by the City of Chula Vista. Learn more.

 ¡Fin de semana bilingües!

El primer fin de semana de cada mes.

Toda nuestra programación educacional incluida en su visita, como las presentaciones de animales, la caminata safari de sweetwater, y el taller de compostaje, serán ofrecidos en inglés y español.

Aprende más.

We host family-friendly, educational, and interactive events throughout the year. Get up close with our resident animal ambassadors and learn about Southern California wildlife. Check out our Events Calendar to find out what’s coming.

Living Coast Discovery Center - recycle

Small Actions, Big Effects

Pest control kills more than pests. Poison and glue traps meant for rodents will adversely affect everything that eats them- mammals, snakes,  and birds of prey. The best pest control is to install an owl box in your yard and let nature do the rest. The next best thing is to use live traps and relocate rodents.