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Did You Know? California Holly

Did You Know? California Holly This is the first post in a series we’re calling Did You Know? designed to encourage you to care as much as we do about coastal animals, plants and habitats. California Holly is not a Holly plant and didn’t lend its name to the expensive suburb of Los Angeles, depending on whom you ask. Toyon (pictured here) might look
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Mission Fed Grant Supports Teen Volunteer Program

Mission Fed Grant Supports Teen Volunteer Program Mission Federal Credit Union recently made a generous grant of $2,000.00 to the Living Coast to support our Teen Volunteer Program. We believe in offering teens the opportunity to make a difference through volunteerism and so does Mission Fed! Their donation supports a 12-month Teen Volunteer Program, helping us to recruit, provide outreach and training, and coordinate
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Member Events and Promotions

Three Reasons to Become a Living Coast Member A Living Coast Membership is a great way to help us inspire the care and exploration of the living Earth by connecting people with coastal animals, plants and habitats. Memberships come with a free year of admission so they pay for themselves in a very short time. We also show our gratitude with special Member Events,
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Bio Days 2015

Bio Days 2015; a Primer for Parents of Teens We’ve got a great Day Camp for Teenagers and we need help getting the word out.  We came up with a few ways for parents to sell this (really, very cool) event to their teens. We know, as well as you parents know, that many teens don’t want anything to do with “Day Camp.” It
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Chula Vista Kayak and LCDC

Chula Vista Kayak Offers a Substantial Discount to LCDC Members & Guests Many thanks to Chula Vista Kayak owner Harry Orgovan, who is also a Living Coast Docent, for taking a group of LCDC volunteers out for a unique view of the south side of San Diego Bay! Harry’s knowledge of San Diego Bay history and geology (from prehistoric times the present), not to
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Living Coast Campers Host Fundraiser

Living Coast Campers Host Fundraiser What a sweet surprise! Ainsley and her brother Peyton are long time camp kids and regulars here at the Living Coast. These two little ones decided to host a fundraiser for us during a family garage sale and presented us with a check last week. Let’s give these two conservation heroes a big round of applause! Education Director, Amanda
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