Endangered Shaw’s Agave Gets Room To Breathe

Endangered Shaw’s Agave Gets Room To Breathe

Boy Scouts from Troop 801 re-route fence for endangered agave


Shaw's Agave.

We care about plants at the Living Coast Discovery Center as much as the animals in our care.  On Dec. 27th, eight Eagle Scouts from Troop 801 came to the Living Coast to assist our Horticulturalist Mark Valen with a prickly problem. Our Shaw’s Agave, an endangered plant, was growing onto the fence that separates it from the general public.

Jacob Blauser and his friends rerouted the fence, removed a large Salt Bush, and replaced it with plants that will provide good habitat for birds and provide a better view from our outdoor classroom.  Eagle Scouts plan and execute community projects in keeping with their code, of which conservation is a leading principal.

Jacob, who can be seen third from the right in the “After” photo, planned to be here for two days. With a lot of help from his friends, the task was completed in one.  Thanks Jacob, and friends — and Troop 801 in Coronado — for being South Bay Proud!

For more information on Shaw’s Agave and Jacob’s Troop, visit these links: Shaw’s Agave and Troop 801.  More photos follow…


Did you know? Other names for Shaw’s Agave include Coastal Agave and Agave shawii. They can be found along the Pacific coast of Baja California, extending north into the coastal chaparral of southernmost California.