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Green Resolutions

5 Simple Green Resolutions for 2016 Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? We’ve come up with 5 sustainable resolutions that are simple, yet so effective, the environment will thank you. 1. Eliminate Vampire Energy Did you know that most devices draw power from your outlets even if they’re turned off? Vampire energy can be prevented by unplugging electronic devices when you’re done is not only easy, but it could save
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Overnight Adventures…in a nutshell

Overnight Adventures…in a nutshell One of the coolest things The Living Coast offers is Family Overnight Adventures. Focused on family fun, wildlife adventures, snacks and sleepovers, you get to experience the Living Coast at sunset, nighttime and morning — when the general public is not normally allowed! You’ll arrive after hours, 5:45 pm, and carpool into the center. (Usually you have to take the
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The Garibaldi at the Living Coast

The Garibaldi at the Living Coast by Lindsay Bradshaw, Animal Care Manager If you have ever been out snorkeling or diving in southern California, you will notice a trend: brown fish, gray fish, black fish, another brown fish, spotted grey fish, more brown fish, et cetera, et cetera. It is a big contrast to the vibrant colors you see out on a tropical coral
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Animal Encounters at the Living Coast Discovery Center

Animal Encounters at the Living Coast Discovery Center by Guest Blogger Casey Makovich, Smart Destinations Head to the Living Coast Discovery Center to interact with and learn about the diverse wildlife native to San Diego’s coast. You’ll have a chance to see turtles face-to-face, touch sea rays, see large birds of prey up-close, and more. Be sure to plan your day at the Living
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Bird Watching at the Living Coast

Go Birding with the experts at the Living Coast Bird Walks are included with your admission to the Living Coast and happen every Sunday at 11:45 a.m. and on the occasional Saturday. Bird Walks begin at the umbrellas at the entrance to the Living Coast Discovery Center and take place on some of the many trails managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
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Owls at the Living Coast: Tyto

One of the Living Coast’s well-known animal ambassadors by Lindsay Bradshaw, Animal Care manager I look around at my desk and see owl EVERYTHING: owl note box, owl toy, owl mug, owl tea set, owl stickers, owl magnet, et cetera. For the past three years, owls have been a dominant theme of my life. When I first started working at the Living Coast Discovery
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