Living Coast - scouts virtual scout program

Virtual Scout Programs

A real-time virtual program with one of our educators to meet the requirements of your badge program through video conferencing.

Living Coast - scouts virtual animal encounter

Virtual Animal Encounters

A real-time virtual encounter with a keeper and an animal of your choice!

Living Coast - scouts - boyscouts

Scout Programs

The Living Coast Discovery Center offers Scouts a variety of unique opportunities to earn recognitions, connect with nature and each other all while exploring local wildlife!

Living Coast - scouts overnight adventures

Overnight Adventures

After a full evening of hands-on activities and animal encounters, your group will snuggle down in your sleeping bags for a movie before drifting off to sleep.

Living Coast - scouts private animal encounters

Private Animal Encounters

Add-on a unique experience to your visit with an animal feeding, animal encounter, guided tour, and more!

Living Coast - scouts livingroom

Living Coast in Your Living Room

Join Educator Ashley as she introduces our animal ambassadors and leads workshops, crafts, and story time that you can enjoy from your own home.