The Living Coast Programs - Holding Crabs

Crawling Crabs (K)

Come crawl into the world of crabs and other crustacean relatives. Learn about adaptations with fun hands on exploration. Students will enjoy touching and observing crustacean molts. Students will also meet and hold real live crabs and other marine invertebrates.  

The Living Coast - Field Trips - Snake Encounter

Slithering Snakes (K)

Slither yourself into the world of reptiles. Learn, through hands on exploration, the adaptations that make snakes a successful predator. Students will get to have an up close encounter with a snake and explore various biofacts that are found in a snake’s home.

The Living Coast - Field Trips

Arthropods All Around (1)

Arthropods are all around, just waiting to be observed by bug eyed scientists. With microscopes and magnifying glasses, the small world of arthropods will come alive. Students will get up close and personal with insects, arachnids, and other related local arthropods!

The Living Coast Programs - Planting

Budding Botanists (1)

Dig into the world of plant adaptations. Students will learn what it means to be a plant growing up in a dry place and how best to survive the hot conditions of Southern California. An engaging lab, where students will get to practice their observation skills and study the leaves of real native plants found right here in San Diego!

The Living Coast - Kids Programs - Bird Watching

Jr. Ornithologist (1-2)

Discover what it means to be a bird expert. Through hands-on exploration and up close animal encounters, students will be able to build their own bird fit to survive its natural habitat. This interactive class is a perfect introduction to adaptations and considering how form fits function.

Living Coast Exhibit - Pollinator Garden

Perfect Pollinators (2)

What could be more perfect than learning about pollinators in a living garden? They’ll get hands-on with pollination and discover its importance to native species. Through fun, interactive role-play the students will get hands on with the entire pollination sequence!