Living Coast - community compost workshops

Compost Workshop (6-8)

Learn the “Whats, Whys and Hows” of composting in an interactive lesson. If you have a compost bin and/or garden on site, we’ll also spend time maintaining it together.

The Living Coast - Field Trips - Raptor Demonstration

Eat, Don’t Get Eaten (6-8)

Do your students have what it takes to be a field biologist? This program is a perfect introduction to everything ecology. Students will be challenged by the delicate balance of an ecological food web that must overcome disasters, natural and man-made alike. Students will get up close to real predator from a local San Diego ecosystem.

The Living Coast - Lesson

Fish Dissection (6-8)

Can fish tell us something about being a human? Through a fishy and fun dissection, students will compare what parts of a fish are similar to humans and what parts are very different. Mackrel provide an excellent model for scientific exploration and comparison of vascular systems.

The Living Coast - Kids Programs

The Good, The Bad, and The Bizarre (7-8)

Discover the animal “gene pool lottery” that will produce good adaptations, bad traits, and bizarre appearances for wild animals. Students will model dominant and recessive traits with a chance to create an ultimate animal or be stuck with a bizarre organism.

The Living Coast - Kids Programs - Octopus

Squid Dissection (3-5)

There is something squidy about this dissection. Students will learn about the internal and external parts that help a squid survive its ocean habitat. From three hearts to a reduced shell, the squid is a fascinating mollusk to scientifically study.