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Did you Know? Moray Eels

Did you Know? Moray Eels

Moray Eel in the Discovery Center Gallery at the Living Coast.

Here are five things you need to know about Moray Eels — and one extra Living Coast tidbit.

  1. The moray eel gets its color from the protective mucus it secretes that covers its body. This mucus contains a substance that is toxic to some species.
  2. This fish has poor eyesight but a very good sense of smell.
  3. Morays hatch in Baja California’s warmer water and the larvae drift north to southern California.
  4. They can live up to 30 years
  5. Although the species name, mordax, means “prone to bite,” these animals are actually very timid and do not intentionally bite humans. Lacking gill covers, they must pump water across their gills by opening and closing their mouths, resulting in their sharp teeth being exposed. This makes them appear aggressive, but they are just breathing

Not aggressive. Just breathing. Snarky, though.

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