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A Paul-inator Blog

Written by Horticulturist Paul Hormick; Bee photos by Intern Jocelyn With the winter rains and cooler temperatures, the flowers of our Native Pollinator Garden, as well as the rest of our landscaping, will soon be showing off their blooms of yellow, blue, and magenta. We hope that the flowers and aromas inspire you to plant a native pollinator garden of your own. The rains and cool
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8 Reasons to SEA-lebrate World Octopus Day

There are plenty of arbitrary “holidays” out there, but World Octopus Day is not one of them. It’s October, and it’s the eighth- the sea stars could not be more aligned! So, we’ve put together 8 reasons to celebrate giant Pacific octopus.  1. A body like no other- As you may have guessed, the giant Pacific octopus is the largest of the octopuses, and can weigh over
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8 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use

8 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use Have you heard of Plastic-Free July? This global movement aims to raise awareness of plastic pollution and encourage global action to minimize single-use plastics. As we continue to discover the drastic effects of plastic in our oceans and environment, we need to start taking action on an individual level. Small changes in our daily life can add
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Introducing Olive

Meet Olive, often pronounced “awww-live,” our newest animal ambassador. One-year-old Olive is an opossum (not to be confused with possum) who came to us from Project Wildlife after being deemed non-releasable. Unfortunately, Olive has injuries consistent with being hit by a car that left her with neurological damage and injury to her left eye. Luckily, Olive has found a home with us where she is well
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Her name is Betsy Ross!

Her name is Betsy Ross!  Meet one of our newest animal ambassadors: a young, female bald eagle. We estimate her to be approximately 4 years old, based on her coloration. Young eagles do not have a white head or tail.  It takes around 5 years for them to mature into the recognizable coloration we are all used to.  The brown and white coloration shows that
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