Guess What’s Blooming?

20170209_090046The Del Mar manzanita is one of the rarest plants we have on site. It grows only in San Diego County and a limited area of northern Baja. It is most commonly found in the Del Mar coastal area,

hence its name. It prefers to grow on rocky outcrops and ridges. Like other manzanita, as well as other chaparral and coastal sage scrub plants, it has a tenacious basal burl, which resprouts after the plant burns. By this strategy the manzanita survives wildfire. An evergreen, it has reddish brown bark and gnarly limbs, typical of manzanita. The flowers are small, urn- shaped, vary in color from white to pink, and dangle upside down. It is listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as Endangered.

The Living Coast is home to many native plants that are endangered, threatened, and seen in very few parts of San Diego County. Visiting the Living Coast in the spring is almost like visiting a completely different planet. The amount of diversity and bright, blooming flora against the backdrop of San Diego Bay will take your breath away.

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