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New High Usage Electricity Charge

New High Usage Electricity Charge A state-mandated High Usage Charge went into effect on November 1, 2017.  This charge will apply to electricity use that is more than four times the amount of Baseline Allowance. How Much Is It? The High Usage Charge is a higher price per kilowatt-hour above tier 2.  What should you do? Know Your Baseline Baseline Allowance is the amount
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Food & Fun at Farm to Bay 2016

With 40 food and beverage partners from across San Diego County, animal encounters throughout the evening, and a zero-waste event goal, Farm to Bay is our biggest fundraiser of the year. But don’t take our word for it, we found this beautifully-crafted blog from Baby Bird’s Farm and Cocina to give a foodie perspective. This blog is from Farm to Bay 2016, and acts as a great representation
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These 5 Bee-haviors Save Bees

These 5 Bee-haviors Save Bees By Elizabeth Argyle If you like chocolate, coffee, or produce, then you like bees! Bees belong to a group of animals called ‘pollinators’, which includes bats, hummingbirds, and insects that assist in plant reproduction by carrying pollen from one plant to another. Pollinators are responsible for the production of approximately 1/3 of the food on our plates. Populations of bees and other pollinators
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Recognizing Flying Mammals

It’s Bat Appreciation Day! Did you know that there are bats on Sweetwater Marsh? Bats utilize the Marsh for foraging and roosting, including one bat of special significance, the pallid bat. Up until the 1980’s, records indicate that Sweetwater Marsh was likely home to a pallid bat colony, but they have not been seen in the area since. In 2015, a single pallid bat
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Guess What’s Blooming?

The Del Mar manzanita is one of the rarest plants we have on site. It grows only in San Diego County and a limited area of northern Baja. It is most commonly found in the Del Mar coastal area, hence its name. It prefers to grow on rocky outcrops and ridges. Like other manzanita, as well as other chaparral and coastal sage scrub plants,
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