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Getting The Most Out Of Summer Day Camps

Five secrets for getting the most out of Summer Day Camps at the Living Coast Summer day camps are great for busy parents who need a smart solution to ‘summer break’ that keeps their kids active and engaged.  Educational nature camps are fun and exciting for kids who love the outdoors as they keep young minds absorbing information while school’s out. At the Living
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Summer Camp Early Bird Discounts End 4-26-15!

The last day to take advantage of an Early Bird Discount for Summer Camps at the Living Coast is Sunday, April 26, 2015. Early Bird Discounts are a tradition at the Living Coast and they’re the best way to save money and reserve space for your young Biologist. We have half-day camps for Pre-K and Kinder (ages 4-6); full & half day camps for
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Did You Know? Toco Toucan

The Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) has a bright orange beak that is about a third of its total size. This visitor to the Living Coast came for SuperWild, our exhibit celebrating animal adaptations that are so cool that they can be thought of as super powers. If you want to see this beautiful bird with the super beak, you’ll need to do so before
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Did You Know? Sarcastic Fringehead

Did You Know? Sarcastic Fringehead The Sarcastic Fringe Head (Neoclinus blanchardi) are so called not because of their sarcasm but because they will attack creatures of any size that come too close to their hideouts. Ours, we’re assured by our animal care team, do not attack at the Living Coast, so don’t worry. But, when they do, you will not be able to help
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Did You Know? Greater Roadrunner

The Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) is most common in desert areas, but it can also be found in chaparral, grasslands, open woodlands and agricultural areas. It is a poor flyer but can run at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. It uses its long tail as a type of rudder to help it keep its balance while running. Our Roadrunner came to
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Spring Day Camp 2015 Highlights

Spring Day Camps a Success! Here are just some of the highlights and photos (left and below) of our recent Spring Day Camps at the Living Coast Discovery Center.  Thanks to all the little biologists who came out to learn fun things about the animals, plants and habitats of San Diego Bay. Thanks also to the parents, guardians and grandparents who brought their kids
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