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Summer Day Camps at the Living Coast on San Diego Bay

Summer Day Camps at the Living Coast on San Diego Bay: Kids and teens (ages 4-18) will enjoy hands-on nature fun and discovery with up-close animal encounters, nature hikes, scientific and career exploration, arts, crafts, games and outdoor fun on San Diego Bay and the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. We know, we know. It’s still spring and it’s already time to start thinking
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San Diego’s Best Sunsets

San Diego’s Best Sunsets With the change to Daylight Savings Time a few weeks ago, it just got a little more difficult to experience one of the best sunsets in San Diego. Difficult but not impossible. There are still three ways to catch a late sunset on San Diego Bay at the Living Coast Discovery Center, even though we close at 5:00 p.m. Here
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Did You Know? Lined Seahorse

Did You Know? Lined Seahorse The Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) is also known as the Northern Seahorse or Spotted Seahorse, and sometimes Caballito de Mar (in Spanish) or Hippocampe Rayé (in French). Whatever you call them, seahorses are a species of fish that look like a horse sitting upright. In fact, the translation from their Latin name is “standing horse”. There are a number
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Spring Day Camps on San Diego Bay

Very Few Spring Day Camp Spots Open The Living Coast’s Day Camps are so fun that kids don’t realize they’re learning science! We call it “Stealth Education” but feel free to tell your kids that it’s just good old fashioned fun. We have just a few spots left open for Spring Break, but they are filling up quickly. If you’re interested in camps that
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Swallows Return to the Living Coast

Swallows Return to the Living Coast You’ve probably heard of the famous Swallows returning to the Mission San Juan Capistrano in Orange County but did you know that many of those swallows now return to the Living Coast instead? It all started with repairs at the mission in 1998, which uprooted the swallows who, for years, returned to the iconic mission. While swallows still
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Did You Know? Chameleon

Did You Know? Chameleon Did you know that our Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) will be in our SuperWild exhibit featuring animals with “Super Powers” from March 28-September 7, 2015? Our Chameleon has Super Speed, which you can see in this video, which shows why we only caught a blur instead of his tongue in this photo. This Panther Chameleon won our hearts with his
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