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Living Coast Discovery Center Anticipates Arrival Of Newest Coastal Wildlife Ambassador: Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle

With the Help of FedEx, Rehabilitated turtle from Florida Keys, Finds “Forever Home” at Zoo/Aquarium on San Diego Bay Living Coast Discovery Center   To learn more about how you can support our newest ambassador and the Living Coast Discovery Center,  please visit  https://www.thelivingcoast.org/about-us/get-involved/donate/   CHULA VISTA, CALIF. (SEPT. 24, 2014) – The Living Coast Discovery Center, a nonprofit zoo and aquarium on San
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San Diego’s and the Living Coast Discovery Center’s newest jewel

San Diego’s and the Living Coast Discovery Center’s newest jewel: Sapphire the Loggerhead Sea Turtle In September, 2014, the Living Coast Discovery Center takes over the care of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Sapphire was rescued – twice! – by The Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys. She has had at least one encounter with a boat propeller and will now call the Living Coast Discovery
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Happy Hatching Day Saturday, Oct. 4th

Help us celebrate the fifth anniversary of the hatching of our four Eastern Pacific Green Sea Turtles at the Living Coast Discovery Center. Our four male turtles were discovered, as eggs, at another aquatic park in San Diego and entrusted to us to  raise. The Hatching Day festivities will take place all day but we’ll serve special Hatching Day Cakes (one for the turtles
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