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Day Camps


The Living Coast Discovery Center offers fun and educational Day Camps programs year-round during school breaks for kids ages 4-18. 

Through animal encounters, games, arts and crafts, outdoor exploration, role play and career exploration, the world of our amazing native wildlife comes to life!  Our educational Day Camps are a fun way for your kids to learn during school breaks.

Winter Camps

Sunny San Diego offers the perfect venue for outdoor winter fun! Winter camps are back at the Living Coast Discovery Center Dec. 29th – Jan. 9th!

Your kids will make friends, discover nature, track wildlife on the marsh, explore life under the microscope, feed sharks and meet birds, reptiles and sea turtles up-close – all in a fun, exciting program managed by Living Coast educators.

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 PreK & Kindergarten

Radical Rays: 9am – 12pm
Dec. 29th – 31st

This is a camp all about one of the Living Coast’s most-loved animals: stingrays! Through crafts, games and lots of up-close time with these graceful creatures, we’ll discover all of the radical ways of rays!

$68 Non members ($62 members)

No Bones About It: 9am – 12pm
Jan. 1st – 2nd

From tentacles that stick to insects that fly and sea life that crawls, this camp is all about those crazy animals that have no bones about them!  We will dig, dance and discover how these critters live all around us, and we’ll even get a chance to get hands-on!

$47 Non Members ($43 Members)

Big Blue: 9am – 12pm
Jan. 5th – 7th

Get ready to make a splash as we discover fascinating fish that call the ocean home. From sea horses that grab to sharks that nab, we’ll dive in to the big blue and see what we can do!

$68 Non members ($62 members)

Squiggly Snakes & Leapin’ Lizards: 9am – 12pm
Jan. 8th – 9th

This camp is all about those radical reptiles! We’ll slither with snakes and lounge with lizards as we discover the scaly world of our local reptiles through games, crafts and up-close (and safe) animal encounters!

$47 Non Members ($43 Members)

  1st-3rd Graders

Commotion in the Ocean: 9am – 12:30pm
Dec. 29th – Jan. 2nd

Make a real splash in a camp that’s all about ocean life! Prepare to dive into a world of sea turtles, sharks, seahorses and more as we discover the amazing marine critters that call San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean home through hands on animal encounters, games, hikes and more! 

$115 Non-Members ($104 Members)

Survivor in the Salt Marsh: 1pm – 4:30pm
Dec. 29th – Jan 2nd

Prey animals are built tough for survival but predators are sometimes built even tougher!   From speed to camouflage to crazy adaptations, we will explore how the animal kingdom plays a never ending game of survivor!

$115 Non-Members ($104 Members)

Wild and Wacky California: 9am – 12:30pm
Jan. 5th – 9th

Some of the coolest creatures around are found in California!  We’ll explore wild animal pads from the great kelp forest to the dry dessert, explore the wacky adaptations that help those homes keep them safe, and of course, get hands on with our resident ambassadors!

$115 Non-Members ($104 Members)

Nature Investigation Unit (NIU): 1pm – 4:30pm
Jan. 5th – 9th

Tank the Tortoise has gone missing! Join a week-long investigation to help solve the mystery of his disappearance and bring him home! Well examine clues, use real forensic science, investigate suspects, and meet lots of amazing animals along the way.

$115 Non-Members ($104 Members)

 4th – 6th Graders

Apprentice: 9am – 12:30pm
Dec. 29th – Jan. 2nd

Our classic camp with an updated twist! This intimate camp will get your kids behind the scenes and hands on with the Living Coasts animal ambassadors both NEW and old! What is it like to work with animals? What is being a field biologist all about? How do you hand feed a Giant Pacific Octopus, hold a snake or clean a giant aquarium? This camp is a hands-on opportunity to see what jobs like these are really like! 

$199 Non-Members ($179 members)

Ecosystem Explorers: 9am – 12:30pm
Jan 5th – 9th

The wild places of California are some of the most amazing! Each day we’ll explore a different habitats to discover the unique wildlife that lives there. Whether we dive info ocean life, muck through the marsh or trek the dry uplands, we’ll discover amazing wildlife each step of the way and of course get hands on with our resident ambassadors!

$199 Non-Members ($179 members)

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