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Day Camps


The Living Coast Discovery Center offers fun and educational Day Camps programs year-round during school breaks for kids ages 4-18. 

Through animal encounters, games, arts and crafts, outdoor exploration, role play and career exploration, the world of our amazing native wildlife comes to life!  Our educational Day Camps are a fun way for your kids to learn during school breaks.

Spring Camps!

Sunny San Diego offers the perfect venue for outdoor fun! Spring camps are back at the Living Coast Discovery Center March 23rd – 27th and March 30th – April 3rd.

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 Pre K - Kinder

-for children aged 4-6-

Tiny but Mighty - NEW!
March 23 – 25: 9am – 12pm
$68 non-members ($62 members)

Some of the tiniest creatures have the most amazing Super Hero abilities!  From beetles with super strength to geckos that scale walls, we will explore the mighty creatures of our new SuperWild Seasonal Exhibit through games, crafts, and of course, hands on animal encounters!

Turtles In My Sandbox
March 26 – 27: 9am – 12pm
$47 non-members ($43 members)

Eggs buried in the sand, shells as big as a 5 year old…what can it be?  It’s turtles!  We’ll discover these awesome reptiles and learn how cool being cold blooded really is. Through games, crafts, and lots of hands on animal encounters this camp is sure to be a splash!

Shark Bites – FULL
March 30 – April 1: 9am – 12pm
$68 non-members ($62 members)

Sharks are some of the coolest animals around!  In this camp, we will “swim” like sharks, feed sharks and even (gulp!) touch a shark! Through games, crafts and up-close encounters, we’ll sink our teeth into all things shark!

Little Gardeners
April 2 – 3: 9am – 12pm
$47 non-members ($43 members)

Time to get grubby as we dig into our local soil! We’ll plant seeds, press flowers and explore for worms in the compost pile, all while visiting with our local wildlife. Budding gardeners will dig this camp!

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 1st – 3rd Graders

Nature Investigators Unit (NIU)
March 23 – 27: 9am – 12:30pm
$115 non-members ($104 members)

Tank the Tortoise has gone missing! Join a week-long investigation to help solve the mystery of his disappearance and bring him home! Well examine clues, use real forensic science, investigate suspects, and meet lots of amazing animals along the way.

Sea Turtle Splash
March 23 – 27: 1:00pm – 4:30pm
$115 non-members ($104 members)

We’ll make a splash as we discover the amazing sea turtles that call the Living Coast and San Diego Bay home! Do they really live 100 years? Can they grow as big as you? Are they really green? From beak to tail, we’ll explore all things turtle!

Super Powers of the Super Wild! – FULL
March 30 – April 3: 9am – 12:30pm
$115 non-members ($104 members)

This camp is all about the Superheroes of the wild world! Join our new animal ambassadors as we explore real life superhero abilities that these wild creatures use every day. We’ll get hands on with snakes that fish with lightning fast speed, birds that radiate heat, hulk sized insects, and reptiles that stretch to the extreme- and learn WHY and HOW they do it!

That’s Gross!
March 30 – April 3: 1pm – 4:30pm
$115 non-members ($104 members)

Come discover the slimy, gooey, dirty, and sometimes smelly, animals and plants that call the Living Coast Discovery Center home!  From slippery squid to hairy tarantulas and owl pellets to poo – this camp will leave your child saying, “EWWW that’s gross and AWESOME!”

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 4th – 6th Graders

Kayaks and Keepers – FULL
March 30 – April 3: 9am – 4:30pm
$230 non-members ($208 members)

Think you have seen it all in Apprentice Camp? Think again! An unforgettable experience, this camp is all about new adventures!  Campers will spend two days off site (Tuesday and Thursday) kayaking south San Diego Bay. We will master kayaking techniques, paddle out to discover what dwells in the bay and of course, HAVE FUN! We will be on site at the Living Coast Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, learning what it takes to work with our new visitors for our Super Wild exhibit.  Each student will get hands on by helping our keepers feed, clean, and socialize our new critters as well as discovering the super powers they use every day!

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Bio Days – FULL
March 30 – 31: 9am – 4pm
$140 non-members ($126 members)

An unforgettable experience for teens who are interested in a career working with animals!  Experience two days in the life of a keeper/aquarist first hand while working behind the scenes with staff biologists.  Prepare animal diets, clean enclosures and more while discovering the inner workings of a wildlife facility!

Missed out? Check out our equivalent Biologist for a Weekend program. Click here to see our Spring dates! Or call 619-409-5908 for other options.


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