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Who’s the Best Animal Father?

Who’s the Best Animal Father? By Lindsay Bradshaw, Animal Care Manager Father’s Day is this Sunday and here at the Living Coast Discovery Center we are celebrating a very special animal father.  He is an aquatic animal that has a long prehensile tail and whose head somewhat resembles a horse.  Can you guess it?  If you thought “seahorse”, you are correct!  But what is
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Home is Where the Shell is

Home is Where the Shell is By Lindsay Bradshaw, Animal Care Manager First things first, take a moment to picture your house.  It probably has these important characteristics: a kitchen, a bathroom, bedrooms, and a roof.  We humans need to have a safe, warm, and dry place to call home.  Animals all have homes too, but they are pretty different than our idea of
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Scarlet Macaws- Rainbows of the Rainforest

  Scarlet Macaws- Rainbows of the Rainforest by Lindsay Bradshaw, Animal Care Manager The scarlet macaw is one of the most impressive birds you will ever encounter.  With their vibrant feathers full of a rainbow of colors, they look more like a flying bag of Skittles.  Macaws are rainforest dwellers and many animals living in the jungle are green to camouflage with all the
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Tarantulas- delightful desert dwellers

Tarantulas- delightful desert dwellers by Lindsay Bradshaw, Animal Care Manager When people ask me, “what is your favorite animal?” I have a hard time replying.  It sounds like a simple enough question because someone who works with animals surely has one that sticks out above the rest, but I truly have a place in my heart for each and every animal on this planet
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Green Resolutions

5 Simple Green Resolutions for 2016 Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? We’ve come up with 5 sustainable resolutions that are simple, yet so effective, the environment will thank you. 1. Eliminate Vampire Energy Did you know that most devices draw power from your outlets even if they’re turned off? Vampire energy can be prevented by unplugging electronic devices when you’re done is not only easy, but it could save
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Overnight Adventures…in a nutshell

Overnight Adventures…in a nutshell One of the coolest things The Living Coast offers is Family Overnight Adventures. Focused on family fun, wildlife adventures, snacks and sleepovers, you get to experience the Living Coast at sunset, nighttime and morning — when the general public is not normally allowed! You’ll arrive after hours, 5:45 pm, and carpool into the center. (Usually you have to take the
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