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Zero Waste Events

Due to COVID-19, many of our programs have been placed on hold or gone virtual. You can find more information at thelivingcoast.org/coronavirus.

We work with weddings, meetings, festivals, retreats, and more!

Zero waste

We offer:
Educational “Trash Talkers”
Zero Waste Sorting Station
Proper disposal of organics and compostable materials

For rates and to book our services, call (619) 409-5499 or email Elizabeth@thelivingcoast.org.

What is a Zero Waste Event?

A zero waste event follows sustainable practices to minimize or completely eliminate all waste sent to the landfill. We work with event partners and vendors to reach 90% diversion rates or higher.   The Living Coast provides guests with recycling and compost disposal options at our sorting stations. 

Why consider Zero Waste?DSC_1877

During events ranging from 50 to hundreds of guests, an average guest produces about 2.5 pounds of waste a day, which adds up to a lot of waste!  Often, limited disposal options are available to guests which means, most, if not all waste is sent to the landfill.   

Be a leader in your community and showcase that you are stewards of your environment!