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Video of Living Coast’s Rays

Video of the Living Coast Discovery Center’s Ray Touch Pool

We don’t recommend touching rays in the wild because, as you know, some of them sting.  At the Living Coast, we clip the barbs on our stingrays — an activity just like clipping your own fingernails — so you can safely touch them at our Shark & Ray exhibit!  The touch pool is a highlight of any trip to the Living Coast Discovery Center.

These rays star in their own VIP Animal Encounter, and are now the stars of a fun clip by one of our staff members who got a GoPro camera for the holidays! Check out this excellent underwater look at our beautiful, and graceful, rays.  Thanks to our VIP Interpreter Marian Fuchs for the great footage!

To learn more about Sharks and Rays, click here, watch the video below or, if you’re near San Diego County, come visit!


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