Overnight Adventures…in a nutshell

Overnight Adventures…in a nutshell

One of the coolest things The Living Coast offers is Family Overnight Adventures. Focused on family fun, wildlife adventures, snacks and sleepovers, you get to experience the Living Coast at sunset, nighttime and morning — when the general public is not normally allowed!

You’ll arrive after hours, 5:45 pm, and carpool into the center. (Usually you have to take the complimentary shuttle into the federally protected wildlife refuge on which the Living Coast sits but we lead you down our path right after all our regular guests have gone home.)

It starts with a fun, family craft adventure that involves our friends- the slithery kind — and then you get to meet one of our best behaved snakes in person! Mr. Rosy is a family favorite even for those that aren’t fond of the reptile kind. (Not everyone has to touch the snake.)

Then you’ll meet a real night owl! There are several owls who live at the Living Coast and quite a few wild ones on the Marsh. You and your family will get to meet Tyto, the white barn owl, up close and personal. If you like night hikes and encountering owls, this might be the highlight of your adventure!

Then there’s a light snack with a movie followed by indoor camping.
Note to parents: camping indoors gives you all the excitement of the outdoors without the bugs (and with a bathroom nearby).

In the morning, we’ll feed you breakfast, take you on an easy morning hike, and you’ll have another animal encounter! Pretty easy for a night on a wildlife refuge. 

We’ve left a few things out, because we want to surprise you and fill you with wonder. 


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