Living Coast Campers Host Fundraiser

Living Coast Campers Host Fundraiser

Ainsley (left) and Peyton (right) with their drinkls table.
Ainsley (left) and Peyton (right) with their drinks table.

What a sweet surprise! Ainsley and her brother Peyton are long time camp kids and regulars here at the Living Coast. These two little ones decided to host a fundraiser for us during a family garage sale and presented us with a check last week. Let’s give these two conservation heroes a big round of applause!

Education Director, Amanda Grant-Stout was floored by the kids’ efforts and generosity, and got a great photo of the kids with their favorite Living Coast animal.  Said Amanda:

Check presentation with (from left) Peyton, Sapphire, and Ainsley.

“Ainsley and her brother Peyton did a little fundraiser for us! Mom said Ainsley thought of it on her own during a garage sale and did a drinks table to raise money.  I thought it was so cute.”

Thank you, kids! If you would like to donate to the Living Coast, might we suggest our Animal Care Wishlist?  It has lots of giving levels for kids and adults to support necessary items for the animals in our care.