Happy Hatching Day Saturday, Oct. 4th

Ready for cake?

Help us celebrate the fifth anniversary of the hatching of our four Eastern Pacific Green Sea Turtles at the Living Coast Discovery Center. Our four male turtles were discovered, as eggs, at another aquatic park in San Diego and entrusted to us to  raise. The Hatching Day festivities will take place all day but we’ll serve special Hatching Day Cakes (one for the turtles and another for humans) at Noon on Saturday, October 4, 2014.

We’ll also be celebrating a few other ‘turtle’ updates at the Living Coast this day: Our new desert tortoise exhibit will be ready to reveal and…a special new 112lb  resident animal ambassador will be ready to make your acquaintance!

You would think that four male turtles, approaching adolescence, would want to be referred to like another set of famous turtles but we’re not like that. Instead we refer to them by the names of four famous painters of the Italian Renaissance.

See more pictures of our Sea Turtles at this gallery: Five years of turtles at Living Coast