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Native Pollinator Garden

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What’s all the BUZZ about? 

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Come visit our Native Pollinator Garden and discover why pollinators depend on us for their survival. All of the plants in our garden are native to coastal San Diego County and can be used inspire your very own pollinator garden!


As a homeowner, planting a pollinator garden is one of the best things you can do. A pollinator garden can increase the attractiveness of your home. Native sages can provide pleasant aromas throughout the year. Once established, native pollinator gardens need little or no additional watering, thus lowering your utility bills.



Pollinators worldwide are in crisis, with numbers of bees, butterflies, and other pollinating species in decline. In San Diego County many of our native pollinators are threatened. Of particular concern are the Hermes copper butterfly and the quino checkerspot butterfly. Due to urbanization, agriculture, and other causes, the range of both butterflies has dwindled.Without habitat restoration and pollinator gardens, these butterflies face extinction, along with native bees, bats, and more.