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Did You Know? Ribbon Snake


The ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus)

See a video of our ribbon snakes in this CBS-8 segment!

RibbonSnakeThe ribbon snake is a garter snake but with a longer tail, thinner body and narrower head. They have an adaptation so good it’s like a super power – and that’s why we’re featuring them in our SuperWild exhibit. The ribbon snake eats worms, slugs, minnows, insects, small mice, fish, and toads.

The adaptation that got ribbon snakes into our SuperWild exhibit is how they catch fish. They get into the water and chase them down! You can see our ribbon snakes fishing, or just taking a leisurely swim, in our Discovery Center Gallery.

 Super Speed is the Ribbon snake’s super power. #WhatsYourSuperPower?

Our SuperWild exhibit is only here through Labor Day weekend, so come see it before September 7th!


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