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The Giant Pacific Octopus at the Living Coast

SuperWild, Super Smart Giant Pacific Octopus Our SuperWild exhibit (running now through Labor Day!) features animals with adaptations so amazing they’re like super powers. These adaptations have to do with strength, speed, and camouflage — among others — and our giant Pacific octopus has all of those adaptations and more. In fact, our giant Pacific octopus (Latin name: Enteroctopus dofleini) is in the running
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Did You Know? Ribbon Snake

The ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus) See a video of our ribbon snakes in this CBS-8 segment! The ribbon snake is a garter snake but with a longer tail, thinner body and narrower head. They have an adaptation so good it’s like a super power – and that’s why we’re featuring them in our SuperWild exhibit. The ribbon snake eats worms, slugs, minnows, insects, small mice,
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The Big Exchange 2015

The BIG Exchange | May 1-15, 2015 The BIG Exchange is an annual program of the San Diego Museum Council designed to get more people into area cultural institutions. The Living Coast is a proud member of the Museum Council and is supporting the BIG Exchange from May 1-15, 2015. We’re one of 31 institutions that are offering free attendance to members of participating organizations.
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Getting The Most Out Of Summer Day Camps

Five secrets for getting the most out of Summer Day Camps at the Living Coast Summer day camps are great for busy parents who need a smart solution to ‘summer break’ that keeps their kids active and engaged.  Educational nature camps are fun and exciting for kids who love the outdoors as they keep young minds absorbing information while school’s out. At the Living
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Spring Day Camp 2015 Highlights

Spring Day Camps a Success! Here are just some of the highlights and photos (left and below) of our recent Spring Day Camps at the Living Coast Discovery Center.  Thanks to all the little biologists who came out to learn fun things about the animals, plants and habitats of San Diego Bay. Thanks also to the parents, guardians and grandparents who brought their kids
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The Jellygirls

Who are the Jellygirls and what is their mission? Good question. The Jellygirls are Debb Solan, of Fusion Glass, and Marjorie Pezzoli of Pezzoli Art, who got their name while hanging their art installation of sea jellies made from the kind of plastic that often pollutes waterways.  They wanted to “make these destructive changes visible, more understandable and more emotionally connected to encourage action.”
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