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Bio Days 2015

Bio Days 2015; a Primer for Parents of Teens

We’ve got a great Day Camp for Teenagers and we need help getting the word out.  We came up with a few ways for parents to sell this (really, very cool) event to their teens.

We know, as well as you parents know, that many teens don’t want anything to do with “Day Camp.” It sounds like it’s for little kids… Oh, and don’t try to sell them on the “fun and educational” aspect, we know.

Here are a few suggestions on…

How to Sell Biologist Day Camps to Your Teen

Don't call it learning.

Replace “Day Camp” with “Behind-The-Scenes Animal Encounters,” this sounds much more cool.  They’re going to get their hands dirty working with the animal keepers, but let us break that to them; you just tell them that they’re going to get a “Hands On Animal Keeping Experience” and make sure they’re not wearing their favorite clothes. Probably the best part is that this is a Teens Only event, meaning they will be with people their own age and instructors who are good with this demographic.

Some of our educators started out in our Day Camp program many years ago and they know how to share their love of animals, biology and zoo keeping. They don’t even have to try to be cool because they just are.

Cool Bio Days activity.

If you’re looking for biology role-models for your kids, look no further than Biologist Day Camps Teens Only Bio Days.  Day Camps Events are: Saturday, February 7th — Sunday, February 8th; Monday, March 30th — Tuesday, March 31st (During Spring Break); and Saturday, May 30th — Sunday, May 31st

For more information or to book this cool Experiential Learning Up-Close Animal Experience, visit our Biologist Day Camp Bio Days Page or call the Education Department “Cool People” at the Living Coast at 619-409-5908.

PS: Dear Teenager who found this page for your parents (I know, right?): Just let them think they’re selling you on this and you get to spend two days without them at a pretty cool place, with pretty cool animals, doing pretty cool things.  Thanks!


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