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Splash of Color 2014

Now open!


Unique creatures and striking photography create a
vivid display of color at the Living Coast Discovery Center! 

Splash of Color: Wildlife + Art
‘Splash of Color’ celebrates the art and science of nature, inviting guests to discover animals and their fascinating use of color that help them camouflage and communicate in the wild world that surrounds us all. Dive below the surface of tropical waters to discover brilliant coral reef habitats, soar thru African jungles with the flashy Red-crested Turaco, and visit with tropical birds in a new free flight aviary.  Guests are invited to take an even closer look at the seldom seen, awe-inspiring patterns and shades of animals and their habitats through macro photography and an exclusive art exhibit.

This special seasonal exhibit is with us for a limited time
and is a must-see for everyone intrigued by art, science, and wildlife!

 Some of the exciting exhibits to be featured are:

  • A walk through free-flight aviary
  • Glow in the dark coral reefs
  • Tropical birds & reptiles
  • Stunning macro photography from local artists

 In creating the Splash of Color exhibit, the Living Coast Discovery Center encourages an active curiosity and appreciation of wildlife and habitats through visual imagery and education.