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Bringing Back Bees

We Need Bees


Bees get a bad rap. Even though most local bees don’t sting, bees are more famous for their painful stings than their pollination prowess. Pollinators are responsible for the production of approximately 1/3 of the food on our plates. If you like chocolate, coffee, or produce, you like bees! The number of bees and other pollinators is quickly declining, but you can help bring them back.

Bee Afraid

…not of bees, of human impact. Bee numbers are declining for a number of reasons: toxic pesticides, loss of habitat, and competition Agapostemon_texanus_Ffrom invasive species. Human impact plays a large role and that means we can reverse declining bee numbers if everyone does their part.

Bee Aggressive

  1. Use natural pesticides (non-toxic) to avoid harming important pollinators such as bees.
  2. Plant native plants to provide nectar (food) for the bees.
  3. Create nesting sites (habitat) out of bare ground and fallen branches for native bees.
  4. Pull invasive plants (non-native), which welcome invasive animals that outcompete or prey upon native bees.
  5. Donate to help save bees HERE (or simply fill out the form below). Your donation will fund our Native Pollinator Garden, which provides food and homes for pollinators while teaching visitors about the importance they play in our lives. 

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