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Animal Wish list


Your special gift provides treats, enrichment, and medical care for animals at the Living Coast Discovery Center. 


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Support Animals


With strong arms and superior intelligence, we are always looking for unique challenges for Penelope, our giant Pacific octopus. Penelope’s current favorite activity is to open up a jar with a tasty fish inside. Your gift of $13 could provide enrichment including toys, special feeding tools, and puzzles to keep our animals busy and engaged.  


Who lives in a desert, can go months without water, and can live up to 80 years? A desert tortoise! Our Sonoran desert tortoises teach us about survival in the harsh desert landscape. Your gift of $22 could help provide heat and UV lighting for our reptiles to mimic desert conditions!


While most owls live in trees, these owls live underground! The burrowing owl’s color helps them camouflage and they make a sound that mimics a rattlesnake to scare predators away. Your donation of $30 could provide perches, swings, and feeding platforms to make bird habitats feel like home!



Our American kestrel, Mariah, was rescued as a chick and raised as a pet. Mariah is imprinted, which means she doesn’t know how to survive in the wild. Your gift of $40 could provide special equipment like thick leather gloves and custom transport carriers to safely handle these birds.


seahorse1Did you know that it’s actually the male sea horse that gives birth? Seahorses perform a ritualistic dance up the water column to pass eggs from the female to the male, who later gives birth to hundreds of babies that are no bigger than a grain of rice! Your gift of $49 could provide special newborn diets, cylinder tanks, and behind-the-scenes nursery care for these tiny baby seahorses.


Sapphire, a Loggerhead sea turtle, sustained a permanent injury which prevents her from being released into the wild. Many other animals at the Living Coast have special needs too! Your gift of $75 could provide veterinarian care, special diets and medication to keep all our animals healthy!


Support the Animals!