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Animal Wish List


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Your gift to the Animal Wish List provides special care for animals at the Living Coast Discovery Center. Many of the animals at the Living Coast are injured or imprinted and can’t survive in the wild. Here are some of the conservation stories that our animal ambassadors share every day.

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On Giving Tuesday, your gift will be doubled! Seven Mile Casino is generously matching donations up to $2,500.00 so your donation helps even more animals!


Bald Eagles: Endangered Species Success Story


Once at risk of becoming extinct because of hunting and food source contamination, bald eagles were removed from the endangered species list in 2007. Franklin teaches guests about the remarkable conservation efforts and recovery of our national symbol. Your gift of $15 can help to provide Franklin with a one-week supply of “gourmet” rodents so he gets the nutrients he needs to keep telling his story.

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Light-footed Ridgway’s Rail:
Working Together to Restore a Species

CLAPPERConsidered one of the most endangered birds in southern California, the Light-footed Ridgway’s rail populations reached a critical low in the 1980s. As part of Team Clapper Rail, the Living Coast participates in field studies, breeding programs, and ongoing conservation efforts and the rail population has doubled since 2001 thanks to this collaboration. Your gift of $30 can help continue this program to restore this important species in the wild. 
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Sea Turtles: All Are at Risk

sea_turtleThere are seven species of sea turtles and all are threatened or endangered due to bycatch, illegal trade, and habitat loss. After being injured by a boat and rehabilitated at the Turtle Hospital in Florida, Sapphire, a loggerhead sea turtle, was unable to be released to the wild. At the Living Coast, Sapphire is one of the many ambassadors who teaches guests how to protect our oceans and marine life. Your $60 can help to provide specialty veterinary care to keep our animals healthy.
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