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Native Pollinator Garden

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The Native Pollinator Garden will provide new outdoor learning spaces for students and families. By educating visitors about local plant species and pollinators, such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies, that support the local biodiversity, we will increase awareness of our coastal environment and ensure its stability for future generations.

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A Native Pollinator Garden supports our mission to connect people with coastal animals, plants, and habitats as well as efforts to preserve the rich biodiversity of San Diego County, the most biologically diverse county in the continental United States. 

The Garden also provides many opportunities for the community to take part in service projects as our garden grows. Community partners will help us prepare the site and plant native wildlife in the new garden. We can also utilize the space as a demonstration garden, teaching local residents how to add native plants and attract pollinators into their own gardens at home.

Contribute to the Native Pollinator Garden to raise awareness for local plants and wildlife.

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    • Does your company, troop, or organization want to get outdoors and assist in planting? You can volunteer your time! Email tina@thelivingcoast.org to volunteer.
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