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Native Pollinator Garden

What’s all the BUZZ about? 

Birds, Bees, Bats, & Butterflies20170314_135302

We are officially done with the first phase of the Native Pollinator Garden! The garden provides outdoor learning space for students and families. By educating visitors about local plant species and pollinators (such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies) that support the local biodiversity, we are increasing awareness of our coastal environment to ensure its stability for future generations. The garden also provides a space for local pollinators, including the bee house to the right!

3 Ways to Support the Garden!

  1. Get your hands dirty
    • Does your company, troop, or organization want to get outdoors and assist in planting? You can volunteer your time! Email tina@thelivingcoast.org to volunteer.
  2. Share the buzz20170325_101030
    • Share the Native Pollinator Garden news with your friends and tag us: @thelivingcoast #nativepollinatorgarden
  3. Plant a seed
    • The Native Pollinator Garden is supported by contributions received from generous community members, just like you! Fill out the form below to support local pollinators.