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Native Plant Gardens

Native Plant Gardens & Composting Demonstration Garden

Having a greater botanical diversity than many other areas, San Diego County has produced a mosaic of habitats that include nearly 2,100 different plant species. Nature has succeeded in adapting to drought conditions with color, variety and ferocity.

While visiting the Discovery Center’s native plant gardens, get ideas for low-water plants for your own yard. Bring your lunch and enjoy some sunshine with our native hummingbirds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Don’t miss the Composting Demonstration Garden where you will learn about less toxic yard and garden care. Join in the monthly home composting classes to learn how you can help reduce the use of toxic fertilizers and make your garden healthy and beautiful.

Programs: Home Composting Workshop

Residents: Shaw’s Agave, Coastal Sagebrush, San Diego Sunflower, SaltwortMountain LilacCoast Cholla, Coastal Bush Sunflower, Flat top Buckwheat, Coast Barrel Cactus, Alkali Heath, Baja Bush Snapdragon, Gumplant, Toyon, Chapparal Candle, Iris, Goldenbush, Bladderpod, Chaparral Bushmallow, Coast Monkey Flower, Coast Prickly-Pear Cactus, Showy Penstemon, Lemonadeberry, Matillija Poppy, California Wild Rose, White Sage, Cleveland Sage, Black Sage, Pickleweed, Cordgrass, Wooly Blue-curls, Mohave Yucca, California Fuchsia, and a myriad native creatures that make their home on the preserve.